Garden Grove Community Emergency Response Team

MISSION STATEMENT: The purpose of Garden Grove CERT is two-fold:
  1. To provide Basic Emergency Preparedness Training to people who live and/or work in the City of Garden Grove, CA.
  2. Develop a cadre of trained and willing volunteers to aid Garden Grove's Professional Emergency Responders in the event of a declared emergency.
Our motto is: "Neighbors Helping Neighbors," and we believe in proving you the training and tools to help yourself, your family and your community.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

1. How often is the CERT Training Academy offered?

The Garden Grove CERT Academy training course is offered once a year in the Spring. Our Academy is usually held on 4 consecutive Saturdays, with an additional preceding Saturday for (optional) CPR/1st Aid/AED training. Attendance at all classes is required for completion and certification. Base on the level of participation we may postpone an Academy or change the time offered.

2. Is there a fee to joining the program?

No. There will be a fee for the CPR/1st Aid/AED training offered prior to the Academy. The fee will be refunded if the student completes and graduates the Academy.
Attendance at all classes is required for completion and certification. In the event a portion of the course is missed, the student will have 12 months (from the date of the final class) to make up the missed class(es) and complete the Academy to get the refund.

3. Who is eligible for to sign up for the CERT Training Academy?

To be eligible for the Garden Grove CERT Program, you must be at least 18 years of age and live or work in the City of Garden Grove.

4. I don’t work or live in the City of Garden Grove, but can I still join the program?

We encourage you to check with your city to see if a CERT program is available. There are many cities in Orange County that offer the CERT Training Program. If your city does not offer a program, we can make an exception. Please contact our Recruiting Director or CERT LC Facilitator for further information.

5. I recently moved to Garden Grove and was involved with my previous city’s CERT program. What do I need to do to get involved now?

In order to participate in Garden Grove’s CERT program, you will need to provide us with a letter from your previous CERT coordinator indicating that you have been released from their city’s program. In addition, a copy of your certificate of completion and any other training certificate(s) will be required to keep in your file (CPR, Med Op 3, etc…)

Base on your level of training by your previous city, we may require you to attend addition courses provided by our academy; in addition, to our reCERTifciation drill.

6. I recently moved out of Garden Grove to another city and would like to be involved in their CERT program. Is there anything I should provide them?

We encourage you to contact your new city’s CERT coordinator and ask them what their procedures are. We will assist you with providing them records of your past training and certificates that we have on file.

7. What happens after I complete the initial CERT Training Academy?

Base on your level of involvement, you can achieve one of these levels:

1) CERT Level I: Trained

2) CERT Level II: Active Member

3) CERT Level III: Call-out Status

8. Is there additional training available?

The Garden Grove CERT program provides ongoing training and refresher courses throughout the year for our members. Our members are also notified of Countywide Drills. For the latest information on upcoming events please visit our calendar section or join us on facebook

If you have a question(s) that has not been answered, please contact us at 714 563-3917 or email to